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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Week 62 - 5/30/16

In her letter to us, she mentioned the Halford family who she taught on the big island.  The Halford's apparently moved to Phoenix last month and a guy Brigitte graduated with, Dallin Parker, is serving as a missionary in their new ward in Arizona.  Small world.

haha, jk i'm not going to Maui, but hey maybe that caught your attention.


Last week we sat down with our Ward Mission Leader and decided on a new game plan. there are so many less-active families here in our area, and we have decided to focus on contacting them, teaching them and getting them introduced to their home teachers to pass them along to the ward. It seems like the ward just needs to be a little strengthened before the Lord will bless them with converts.

We have already seen huge miracles with this new perspective. Solid new investigators have come in to our teaching pool, and we have contacted some super cool families that are ready to come back to the fold. We are so excited!!!

One of the less-active families that our Ward Mission Leader asked us to contact ended up being a part-member family and the sons are interested in getting baptized! God is good you guys! God is good.

Anyhoo- sorry nothing too exciting happened this week :P we did see a lot of miracles & we did have really funny experiences, but yeah.. you'll just have to take my word for it :P

I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY. oh yeah, TRANSFER NEWS!!! turns out, my comp sister frost is going to ALIAMANU!!! (that's my greenie area, or the first area i served in)... she's gonna love it. and i am staying here and getting a new comp from MARSHALL ISLANDS!! I'm super excited to meet her, i love the marshallese people. & i love this ward, so i'm pumped to stay and to continue to work hard here in the Olomana ward <3

One thing Bishop Durant shared yesterday in Ward Council was Matthew 11:28-30, talking about coming together to share the Lord's "yoke", he talked to us about how the Lord's "yoke" is still a "burden" but not the kind of burden that brings us down... it's work & responsibility but it's something that actually makes us lighter, happier, and brings us together as a team as we share the "yoke" and experience the joy that comes from living the gospel <3 so sweet.

keep sharing the yoke. take upon yourself His yoke & share that with others. it's a team effort here, no child of God's left behind!!!

love you all. mahalo for everything <3

Sister Judkins

oh yeah, we tracted into a lady on saturday and she was super nice but said she's super busy, so we asked what we could help her with & she was all, "well, i could use help making leis for my daughter's graduation". so she took us around, picking plumeria & teaching us the Hawaiian way (there's very specific things you need to do in order to pick someone's flowers & make leis...) and then WE MADE LEIS!!! :) so cool. now we are teaching her :) she's so amazing.

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