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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Week 57 - 4/25/16


so during these past few weeks I have noticed a weird thing about the number 13, like it has been popping up EVERYWHERE. and usually it is unlucky... but I am determined to change that mindset because this morning sister frost looked at me and said, "Oh happy 13 month mark!" and I was shocked cuz I feel like I just hit my year mark yesterday :P

so anyhoo - the thirteenth month of my mission is going to be full of miracles. I can feel it :) Sister Frost and I have been working really hard and this week we truly TRULY saw the Lord's hand here in the work.

Even though our car battery died this week & my comp got sick this week & one of our solid investigators dropped us & many hearts were hardened against the word of the Lord.... WE SAW MIRACLES!!! our car battery was fixed (actually, replaced for FREE!), we found many service opportunities, our 15 year old investigator set a baptism date, we had three investigators attend church yesterday, and the Lord placed us where we needed to be.

I know this gospel is true. I KNOW IT. I know that God lives. He has a perfect plan for each and every one of us. :) I love it, and I love each of you. Thank you for everything. have a wonderful week. go pick up the book of Mormon and read a couple verses! and pray!! :)

xoxo & ALOHA,
Sister Judkins

we went on a hike with our investigator, Lulu, today!! & this awesome guy was flying over the light house... yes, dad, let's fly over the light house when we come back to visit!!! :)

And...yesterday we went to Weinberg Village to make sure our peeps were going to make it to church, and after saying a prayer in the car, these two kids scared me to death cuz they were just standing right outside my car window when I opened my eyes :P they said, "we sell flowers for $1.00 would you like red, white, or pink? ... we gave them a dollar and a book of Mormon and they were pretty pumped, they ended up giving us 3 flowers for the book of Mormon... I'm not sure if there's any rules/commandments against that? but hey, they're reading the book & they love it :) and we love our flowers.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Week 56 - 4/18/16

Aloha All :)

I don't have much time (I know, shocker!!) but I wanted to tell you a bit about our current investigators :)

Kiana: 15 year old girl, met her as a street contact, her and her family had a MIGHTY change of heart :) it was awesome. she is currently reading the book of Mormon and we hope to have her attend church this next sunday. she is good friends with a less-active family, and we've been having FHE at their home and Kiana has been there for the past two times! it's been awesome. God is good :)

Willie: in his 50's, one of our Filipino investigators. He's great. He's struggling with smoking. He had a date of April 24th but we're gonna keep working with him for a new date. I know Heavenly Father has a perfect plan for him, we're just working on WofW for now and baptism will come when he's ready. :)

Leona: She took a huge step this week!!! She is working so hard to turn her life around, she started attending Addiction Recovery this week, we were able to attend with her. She has a wonderful desire to learn more of Jesus Christ's gospel & believes the Book of Mormon is true & loves the gospel, we're working through the 12 steps with her & hoping to get her to church this week :)

The Dugan Ohana: From the mainland, we ran into them on our Fasting & Finding Friday. They totally accepted us into their home and we were able to connect with them on so many levels. the spirit was so strong as we spoke of the gospel and eternal families and left a prayer with them that first night. Then, this week we recontacted them and they said they may come to church. Unfortunately they didn't make it this week :( they're great tho!! God is so good for leading us to them/them to us and bringing the spirit into all of our hearts :)

The Hans Ohana: From Marshall Islands :) they're so awesome. the first time we met brother hans, he said we could come back the next day... so we did, and they were all home and joined us for the first discussion :) they have two of their daughters still living with them, ages 6 and 12. Such a special family, and they love the gospel. The 12 year old really wants to come to church and be baptized, she is the one who is really keeping the family going :) it's great.

Brother Obed: His wife grew up in the church but is less-active. They've been attending church every other week for almost a year now!! We had an awesome lesson this week about baptism, and we challenged brother and sister Obed to read from the Book of Mormon for 5 minutes every day. it truly makes a difference! I'm excited to follow up on them next sunday :) he's just struggling to understand what God really wants for him. Because he has a testimony of the gospel and of Jesus Christ, but he doesn't know quite yet how the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is different from other churches.

What makes the Church so different is that the Priesthood is found here. It really is Jesus Christ at the head of this church. He leads and directs the prophet. We can baptize by proper authority, we can seal families together for eternity, we can truly receive all the blessings of the gospel because we have the FULLNESS OF THE GOSPEL :) it's beautiful, and you can't just take someone's word for it. you have to study. you have to pray. you have to live the commandments. Like my companion (sister frost) would say: How would you know how delicious the Cheesecake is when you haven't even tried it?

So try it! Try the gospel out. I know that as we do so, we can become converted. We must see with our eyes, hear with our ears and understand with our heart to be converted and healed (2 Nephi 16:10). Have trust in the Lord to deliver. I know He has a perfect plan for all of these peeps, as well as for you and for me.

I love being a missionary - oh yeah! Transfers are this week. I am staying here with Sister Frost :) it's going to be a GREAT transfer!!!!

I love this gospel. I love all of you! Thanks for everything <3

Sister Judkins

ps. I FIXED MY CAMERA :) this picture is the fish that I ate at that wedding last weekend.... yep, and it wasn't THAT bad lol

out tracting on fasting and finding Friday.

I promise I wasn't as tired as I look lol :P

And lunch by the beach with the Barnes, I love them!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 55 - 4/11/16

some highlights of the week:
- while helping our investigator move her stuff in to her home, I picked up the bag full of dishes, and as I walked to the kitchen, yes, you guessed it... the bottom tore open and the dishes fell and shattered all over the floor.... that was one of my more humbling moments of my life lol BUT no one was hurt so have no fear, God is good.
- we met SO many new people this week. We had 147 QGC's, which is basically 147 solid contacts. exciting, right? I've never gotten over 90 before in one week. seriously though, Heavenly Father placed so many amazing people in our path.
- we got to volunteer at the emergency preparedness fair at our chapel on Saturday and after the fair (which was amazing and so fun!) we saw a woman sitting alone in one of the classrooms. we asked if we could help her with anything... she invited us to sit with her. she turned to us and asked, "So how does one become a member of this church?" we taught her about baptism, the Holy Ghost, and faith & repentance. It was so cool how perfectly it flowed, and she was so excited to learn more. she's great.
- we were able to go out to lunch with Elder and Sister Barnes this week!!! they're great. they began their mission just one week before I arrived, and we served my first six months in Hon-West together. They're great, it was so fun to see them again!!
- on Friday we had a FASTING AND FINDING FRIDAY. we began our mission-wide fast Thursday night over a massive conference call. then, we set out all day Friday to find ALL DAY LONG. we had canceled all of our appointments & kept our schedule clear so we could be finding from 10am-8pm, no lunch break or nada. IT WAS SO FUN!! :) so many miracles: finding a family who's ready for the gospel, finding seven new investigators that day, and never feeling the pain of hunger. We were literally feasting on the gospel. it was beautiful.
- Saturday morning we received a phone call from a lady up in San Diego. She was so excited that we had tracted into her BEST friend (Janel) the day before, that we had set a return appointment, and that we had left her with a prayer. The lady said that it's a miracle Janel is allowing us to go back, and she said she's been fasting and praying that Janel will take the missionary discussions and finally be baptized. :) we will be headed back tomorrow to see her & her "closet Mormon" family - btw that's what Janel called herself haha! she said "oh, we're closet Mormons."
- today I was able to talk to KAIPO on the phone!! kaipo was one of the investigators Sister Mason and I taught back in my first area!... he was baptized this afternoon. :) so amazing!!
- I gained a deeper testimony of the Restoration of the gospel as Sister Frost and I shared the missionary moment at Rich's baptism yesterday. The words literally flowed from my companion's & my mouth and the spirit was so strong & it was just a beautiful moment of my mission personally.
- we volunteered to help out at a wedding this week. Guys!!! Hawaiian wedding luau's are THE BOMB. haha it was so fun, and it was touching to see everyone come together. I wish I could send the videos I took :P

okay, so this week was crazy busy & I hope you all understand that I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. so much. I love my Savior. I know that He lives. He loves you!!!! I know if we do our part, we WILL feel Him do His part. He will never fail us, nor will he ever give up on us even after we fall short of our part.

I love you all, thank you for your love & support & prayers.

xoxo & aloha,

Sister Judkins

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Week 54 - 4/4/16

Aloha! :)

so there is this talk that we study as missionaries, it's called The Fourth Missionary, and it is wonderful. I was studying from it this morning, and this is what I learned:

"Every challenge, unfairness, conflict, sadness, tragedy, disappointment, heartache, temptation and opposition happens for one purpose only: to give you opportunity to respond by applying in your life the teachings of Jesus. As you do so, YOU ARE CHANGED to become more like Him."

quick background of our week:
- lots of people testing our biblical knowledge (which we can never seem to satisfy anyone with)
- lots of people trying to bring us down
- lots of interesting (and incorrect) views of the Book of Mormon
- lots of prideful people.....

sorry for my bluntness, but sometimes I just don't understand how human we can be!! Seriously, it's incredible what the gospel has to offer us: peace, love, direction, salvation...etc etc. but each one of us (im trying to not just focus on all those "lots of people" up in the bullet points) get in the way of our happiness.

I think it was... Elder Holland? ... who mentioned stupidity yesterday? well, he said that IF WE GIVE OUR HEART TO GOD, WE CAN CONQUER STUPIDITY. that's how good God is. because no matter what opposition we face, and no matter how much we can get in our own way to our own happiness, there's always a way back on track.

we shared with peeps Helaman 12:15 this week about the earth moving and not the sun. well that's just it. the Son is always there. He's the constant, and we are the ones who turn away and it's also up to us to turn to Him. We must take the steps to turn to Him and receive HIS LIGHT!!

okay, so as we do this, WE ARE CHANGED. doubts can be swept away, sin can be washed clean, confusion can be set straight, and MIRACLES HAPPEN!

this week we were also able to see many incredible people. so here's another quick background of our week:
- lots of people struggling, but turning to God for answers
- lots of service opportunities
- lots of people ready and willing to come back to church
- tons of miracles (like having two of our investigators attend conference with us and finding a wonderful family who is super prepared for the gospel and ah just so much more!)
- exchanges: I got to go with Sister Carlsen to Kaneohe, and man we met so many amazing folks over there :)

I don't know if this email makes sense, but basically, this is my point: God is good you guys! He knows you. He loves you. Although we see trials & opposition in our lives, and at times our own or others' stupidity makes us get off track for a second.... our weaknesses can be made strengths (Ether 12:27)... our pride can change to humility (Jacob 4:7)... and we can trust in the Atonement to help us reach our potential.

so back to The Fourth Missionary talk... there are four kinds of missionaries, and the fourth missionary is the one I'd like to be. She is the missionary that gives her heart to God and works hard. There is a lot to being a great missionary, just as there's a lot to being a great disciple of Jesus Christ or a great friend, etc. but I know that we can reach our goals as we turn ourselves to God and allow Him to make of us what needs to be made. He will help us conquer stupidity, He will help us conquer satan, He will help us fight our trials & temptations, cuz He is GOOD! but we HAVE to do our part first.

"Only God can change a mess into a message, a test into a testimony, a trial into a triumph, and a victim into a victory."

love you all! keep fighting :) may the fourth be with you.

Sister Judkins

ps. sorry if this is too confusing to understand.

the signs people have in their yards crack me up :) 

I was on exchanges 8 months ago in the same area, and I got to meet this lovely family, the Higa's, AGAIN! last time I met them, they were inactive. this time, they have been active for a couple months and are working on getting to the temple to be sealed!! they are great.
also, this is Aunty Lola. she is amazing. :) I look forward to the day you meet her mom! seriously. too good. <3

Also I have been a missionary for 1 year now and so we bought some Hawaiian candy to celebrate :)