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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Humility. Week 5!

Aloha All :)

Well, I'm just gonna be completely honest with yall... this week was really hard. we kept missing people whom we thought we needed to see. our appointments kept falling through. I got a migraine on Thursday, so we had to cancel an apt and I was feeling really bad for us Friday morning. Well, Friday afternoon, to top off the week, we tracted into a guy whom's goal in life seemed to be "tear down sister smith and sister judkins' testimonies and make them go home".. yeah... it was rough. I won't go into detail, but we went home in tears and while smith went into the bedroom, I grabbed the phone and dialed my momma's number. I was about to click "call" when a voice said to me "you're not going to talk to your Father first?"
So I set the phone down and dropped to my knees. Long story, short, I needed a priesthood blessing. A couple Elders helped me out with that one...
Luckily, the next day was exchanges! It took my mind off of myself as I took over the area for the first time. My companion was Sister Soriao from the Philippines! I became focused on the service project (Just Serve), tracting, and I realized that as I focused on the people we were visiting and the lessons we were teaching and where we needed to get to next, that everything was okay. This week was definitely a humbling one. I guess I didn't realize before how worried I was about my own testimony, about my own feelings, about myself... Truth is, I'm on the Lord's time. That means there's no time to waste on my stupid little feelings!!!!
Tomorrow we have zone conference and all of us missionaries were assigned to write a two minute talk about humility. Go figure. These past two days I've been studying a lot about humility, and about the ultimate example: Jesus Christ. I've come to learn that as we turn completely to our Heavenly Father and lean on the atonement of Jesus Christ, we can get through ANYTHING. If we humble ourselves and make everything about our Savior, everything in our lives will fall into place. Maybe not the way we would like it, but the way it's supposed to.
This gospel is incredible. Missionary work is hard but totally worth it! On Saturday we participated in a service project called Just Serve. Sister Soriao and I went around to the homeless and talked with them and handed out cans of food, clothing, and books. The people we met were amazing and the conditions were... no words can explain.... but as we helped clean up the area, and talked with these people, I had an even deeper understanding of Christ's love for all of us. I promise you that God loves you! Make sure you're doing the small things, like talking to your Father. haha :) it matters a lot.

I love you all! Thanks for all the support and love!!!! ALO-HA!

Sister Judkins 

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