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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Week 2!!

Aloha everyone!

these two weeks have been awesome!! So i was called to serve in the Honolulu West Zone! At first i was honestly very disappointed... the two sisters i had been with in the MTC got called to the big island, and i was staying in a practically landlocked zone only one area away from the mission home. I was really bummed too because i thought i'd be able to serve in a Polynesian ward and be with all these islanders! but the ward im serving in is the army, military, and airforce ward. So i'm just with a bunch of white people...... yeah, i know you'd be bummed too ;) but it turns out that it's a bit of a mixture in the ward, and the people are INCREDIBLE!!! How are people so nice? it's great. Also, the place is still beautiful! it's still Hawaii, right? haha.. :) seriously tho, this ward is amazing!

my comp, sister smith, is AWESOME! We are seriously best friends already. i love her, and she is a wonderful trainer! We didn't have much success last week, but yesterday we fasted and really asked god to help us out. We ended up having two wonderful lessons and it was just absolutely incredible. the spirit was so strong! We had been trying to contact a guy all week, and yesterday we were headed to a family's house when i got the impression to go try again... so we went over there and HE WAS THERE!!! He told us how excited and happy he was to see us and that he had been waiting for us! We will start teaching him this week and i am so pumped :)

I don't have a lot of time so here are some highlights of this week!...
- i had to say a prayer in sacrament yesterday :/ ah i'm too young for that stuff lol and also church here goes from 3-6 which is 7-10 Utah time so like holla! it's nighttime and i'm at church what? haha...
- the last night in the MTC, Vocal Point came and performed!! super cool :)
- my mtc comp, sister robinson, met her second cousin as we were sitting in the in-field orientation with like hundreds of people... one guy got up and told his great-grandmother's conversion story (which brought chicken skin to everyone holy crap) and my sister robinson was like holy moly! that's my great-grandmother's conversion story... haha cool :)
- there's this thing called the MTC cereal challenge, where one district will take on one of those huge buckets of cereal and eat in in 30 minutes. yeah, we were the ones stupid enough to take it on. let's just say im never eating cheerios ever again.
- mason Sutton, who is in my home stake back in Utah, has been serving in Vanuatu (he just got home) and due to the big destroying storm, some missionaries were sent to a new mission. I met four of Elder Sutton's fellow elders from Vanuatu! They're awesome, and they had some really amazing story. Most of them came here with barely anything because they gave all their stuff (including socks and shoes from their feet) to others back in Vanuatu :)
- my new favorite scripture is a straight line across the page of the book of Mormon found in Moroni 7:26 and 31. go look it up :) if your book of Mormon is a newer print, it's one word off. but still! so cool.
- running in Hawaii every morning is amazing.
-  i wish i could send pics but i forgot my camera today ahhh i apologize from the bottom of my heart.

being a missionary is the greatest thing ever. i see miracles every day, and i can see myself becoming more susceptible to the holy ghost and in turn, to service opportunities and the love of Christ, and just so many wonderful things!

remember, god loves you!!! if you open your eyes and look for the tender mercies, you will realize they're all over. Thank you so much for the thoughts, prayers, and support! it's a german proverb that everytime you get the hiccups it's because someone is thinking of you somewhere in the world... and guys! I've had the hiccups so much this week. So thank you :) haha i love you all! peace n' blessins xoxo

sister judkins

ps. my current address is 925 Ala Lilikoi Street #302 Honolulu, HI 96818 send me letters :)

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