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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Week 34 - 11/16/15

Aloha All :)

you know those times in life where you're just so happy that you just can't help but smile? I hope you can all relate... cuz that's exactly how missionary work makes me feel. :) it's the greatest. literally every day is the same thing over and over again, wake up, run, study, track down less-actives, knock doors, visit some more less-actives, knock some more doors, eat the whole day cuz everyone wants you to get fat or something, and pray pray pray pray PRAY all day long. and it's the greatest.

yesterday in relief society we talked about missionary work, and the sister teaching asked us if we are happy being on missions. I told them all, I have never been happier in my whole life. and none of them were shocked because guess what... we all know the gospel is true. we all have experienced the joy that comes from following the gospel, we have all had spiritual experiences we cannot deny. and that's what's so incredible about missionary work and I could tell that every single one of them was familiar with that "I'm just so happy I can't help but smile" look.

so listen up, we have a huge BOOK OF MORMON CHALLENGE happening here on big island. and it is the most wonderful thing ever. this week alone we handed out 25 Book of Mormons in 5 days. God is good, people. God is good. He delivered every single one of those. He truly does know each of His children, and He led us right to open hands and thankful hearts. I'm excited to follow up on these peeps this week <3

we went to contact a former investigator this week and found her 23 year old son, Nalu. He was a nice guy, but what really struck me was the way his eyes lit up when we gave him the book of Mormon. it was like, it was familiar to him. not because he had read it or even seen it before. but because the spirit that he felt when he flipped through the pages was a familiar spirit to him.

we tracted into a lovely grandmother named Shirly, she had seen the sisters walk on the street before, and asked us why we are always so happy. I told her, because God is good. we taught her the restoration and gave her a book of Mormon. she was very excited to read it, and we promised her greater joy in her life as she came to understand the teachings found in the book and the huge blessings await her as she follows those teachings.

those are only 2 of the 25 stories I have...

I wish I had time to write them all.

but, I just want you all to know God is good. we sent a scripture out today it's 1 Nephi 11:22-23 and it reads, "And I answered him, saying: yea, it is the love of God, which sheddeth itself abroad in the hearts of the children of men; wherefore, it is the most desireable above all things. And he spake unto me, saying: yea, and the most joyous to the soul!"

share the love guys!! strive to serve, spread the gospel, and trust in God because HE IS GOOD.

hope you all have a wonderful week!

mahalo nui loa fur alles & mucho aloha,

sister judkins

1. "this is auntie sweetie <3 she is our eternigator... and she adores the missionaries! she is the greatest :) love her so so much!!!"

2-5 Pics from a hike with the elders, including "Brig on a bridge"

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Week 31, 32, & 33! 11/9/15

Sorry we have not sent an email for 2 weeks.  Brigitte had mission leadership conference back in Honolulu one week and had time for only a short family email; and the next week she received a new companion and moved and again only sent a quick personal email.  She is doing awesome!

Aloha All,

so once again I'd just like all of you to know I love being a missionary.
so much.
yesterday a member came out on visits with us for 3 hours, and she was so positive and enthusiastic the whole time and it just reminded me of 1) how much of a difference members make in missionary work and 2) that everyone has the opportunity to share the gospel and feel the joy that comes from doing so :)

on Tuesday we witnessed one of our wonderful investigators, Aaliyah, enter the waters of baptism. she is adorable. Aaliyah was ready from day one, which is cool cuz her family is less active/inactive in the church, and she has been the culprit in bringing her family back to church. one of my favorite things while teaching her is when her mom would say, "aaliyah, you gotta practice praying" and make her (in a loving way) say the opening AND the closing prayers for EVERY lesson... it's great :) anyhoo- aaliyah and her cousin, brookie were baptized together and it was beautiful and perfect. :) they giggled the whole time.

This week I got a new companion, Sister Alldredge!! she is from riverton, UT and is the oldest of 6 kids and is basically the total opposite person from me. and we love it. no joke, we've been bet frineds since day uno wakaka. plus, I'm her mother (aka trainer) and she is my first-born, so... instant bond I guess :P

we are working hard to find more people to teach and searching for the Lord's elect! this week we went in town to tract some doors, but we were approaching the first door (downstairs of a small apartment housing complex) and I felt very strongly we weren't in the right area. I told s. alldredge and she said she felt the same way. so we turned around and, after praying about it, went across the street to contact a part-member/less-active family whom we've never been able to contact cuz theyre NEVER home. Long story, short, we met that family and they are awesome!! they came to church yesterday and they want us to teach the daughter so she can be baptized!! God is good.

and it gets better -

after contacting that family, we felt good about going back to the apartment complex, this time the spirit directed us to the second floor, second door. Her name is Sidra, she is from Pakistan but has lived most her life in England! She has two adorable kids and a happy marriage... GOLDEN!!! ANDDDD she is super good friends with Chauncey - our recent convert! God is so good.

and it gets EVEN better -

we met some other awesome people on that floor, and then we knocked on what we decided was going to be our lst door... and it "just so happened" to be a less-active family from Marshall Islands! We had a way good conversation and lesson with them. Turns out, the dad helped translate the Book of Mormon into Marshallese as well as a few other church books!! Woah!! how cool is that? and the daughter, age 21, solemnly told us how she always wanted to serve a mission, but it was too late. We explained to her that she still could at her age!! absolutely!!! First she has to get back to church. so they are working on it and she has that goal :) God is great.

okay peeps sorry this email is so long, good work for those who actually read it all! ;) I am seriously touched by the tender mercies our Heavenly Father offers us. I am blown away at the miracles He sets in place. I am honored to represent my Savior as a missionary of His true church. I want you all to know that He loves you. He knows you. And, He loves to hear from you! stay strong peeps. life is good. time is short. church is true. our savior lives. God is great.

Much Aloha,

Sister Judkins

this is dareen. she is the most hard working woman I've met. always on the go, her mom, auntie sweetie is one of our investigators, and we're hoping that dareen will accept a visit from the elders (she doesn't live in our area). I LOVE HER.

this is uncle Jacob. definitely one of my all time favorite people. he's got an incredible story, which involves earthquakes, fishing in the deep blue, and turning towards Christ again and again. this Saturday he is going to the temple for a session, which he claims will be his last before his passing :| he's definitely does have a special spirit about him, and his stories are ones i'll never forget <3

Temple lovin :)

A few more pics of Brigitte and her new companion,  Sister Alldredge.   Also, she cut off about 8 inches of her hair ;)