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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Week 69 - 7/18/16

loha everyone :)

some highlights of the week:


2) We had a district flood (LITERALLY CUZ IT RAINED THE WHOLE TIME- see pics for proof) and this guy was so nice, he came walking across the street with this big umbrella, I was all, "Oh! hi! do you live here?" (we had just knocked on the door to the house), "no, I just want to bring you this umbrella cuz it's pouring out here... You can keep it"

we were dumbfounded haha! I was thinking, "did God just send you here to us? was it really that easy??" LOL the guy was super awesome, we talked about the gospel and he told us we can have the sisters stop by again. man, how cool is that?

3) Pearl Harbor Round 9... that was pretty fun :) next time I get a t shirt, cuz if you volunteer 10 times, you're cool. :) I'm almost cool!!!!👊

4) on Wednesday we had our first ever olomana ward night visits!!! it was great, we were able to catch so many families at home, and the spirit was strong as we gathered together afterwards to discuss these families' needs. God is good :)

5) Friday we walked all day and I'm not even kidding, we were meant to walk that day!! because we met new people and were able to contact some awesome part member families. God is good!!

6) Saturday I thought was going to be an AWESOME day because you know, my sister was getting married that day... but turns out jaycie and trevor hogged all the awesomeness up in Utah ;) nah, jk, it was still an awesome day, just had a lot of people who didn't want to see us that day :P

7) we had a really spiritual experience as we met for Gospel Principles yesterday. We usually have 5-8 people in that class, but yesterday we had like 20! it's cuz the guy who spoke in sacrament shared "God's counsel about..our Daily Lives" in which he so lovingly reminded everyone to go to ALL THREE meetings at church on EVERY sunday :) so a lot of people chose to stay :) God is good. so then, with all of those hearts & faces in our class, we were able to have a discussion on service based on Jesus Christ's atoning sacrifice (the biggest way we all have been served). lots of people were teary eyed during the class, and many testimonies were shared.

It's so fun to see how the Lord strengthens us. He is constantly strengthening me, and I have the incredible opportunity to witness him strengthening others around me (my companion, our ward leaders, my family, our investigators, and especially the members here). Heavenly Father knows each of us! He loves each of us! & he will help us to succeed. He is so good, and we each have some of him within.

I love you all!!! thank you for your loving support & prayers. My last transfer has officially begun, and I will be staying here in Olomana for my last six weeks. & I'm very blessed to be keeping Sister Karitea by my side. :)

have a wonderful week xoxo,

Sister Judkins

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Week 68 - 7/11/16

S/O to my cute sister jaycie and her cute fiancé Trevor for their WEDDING this Saturday.

Yesterday in church we taught on Eternal Families. I was kinda emotional cuz you know, I wanna be there for you guys!!!

I know this gospel is true. and the fullness of blessings are found here. that's why I'm sharing it with EVERYONE here in Hawaii!! I love the Lord. I love His gospel.

this week we saw many miracles!! we just gotta keep our minds hearts and eyes open to those miracles.

God is good. He is there.

have a great week everyone!!


Sister Judkins