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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Week 44 - 1/26/16

Aloha All,

Four Months ago I got on a plane and flew to the island of Hawai'i

and these four months are times I will never forget.

I've been able to see so many miracles here in the Lord's service,

I have been able to meet so many people who have become O'hana to me.

I have grown to be a better missionary and a happier person.

This week I will be leaving the Honoka'a Ward and I'm off to the Rock, O'ahu.

I have been blessed with so many wonderful people, here in Hawaii, back home, and my friends serving all over the world.

God is so good, my PEEPS. God is good.

Oh by the way, my wonderful comp and I figured out what peeps stands for (since we use it all the time)

People Entering Eternal Paths towards Salvation. or
People Enduring Eternal Paths of Salvation.

you choose.

okay this week was amazing, we were able to attend a World Wide Mission Conference. I learned how to better work with Recent Converts and Less-Active families. I also gained a deeper understanding of My Call to Serve.

This conference was called "We teach Repentence and Baptize Converts"

pretty cool.

fun fact, I'll be meeting Elder Holland this weekend. He is my favorite. and I almost fainted when I found that out.

so, if yall need me to tell him anything, let me know.  

okay sorry this email is all over the place.

We met with our investigator, Diane, this week. She is doing so well! She took our challenge to read the Book of Mormon 5 minutes every day. She says it makes a difference in her life. It's so cool to see how people come to understand the gospel and the blessings, isn't that what we're all trying to figure out? :) okay, I wish you all could meet her and feel of her spirit. I have witnessed a huge change in her. She was a wonderful person before, but now that she has the gospel AND is accepting it, SHE IS UNBELIEVABLY WONDERFUL. I feel Christ's love for her, and I know that He is healing her.

Sister Alldredge and I have had so much fun this past transfer. As we worked extra hard and focused on exact obedience, we witnessed MIRACLES. I'm not even kidding, MIRACLES. She is so amazing, it was so fun to be her trainer! I'm gonna miss that girl. we witnessed multiple families come back to church as they found their love for the gospel. we witnessed the healing of people's hearts and minds. we didn't get dengue, even though we probably should have like 4 different times. Miracles, I'm telling ya! :) we even got to see a family sealed in the temple for time and all eternity.

And that's what it's all about. So keep enduring! Get to the temple! don't get dengue! and be happy cuz life is good. GOD IS GOOD <3

Love you all, thank you for your kindness, love, support, and MAIL! (I wouldn't mind if I got more letters in the mail .... jaycie micadyn kaleb. hint, hint ;)

I'm sad to leave Honoka'a, but I'm excited for my next stop: Olomana


Sister Judkins

The attached pics are:
Brigiitte and her companion, Sister Alldredge, will all of her leis the ward gave her to say goodbye,
her second mom, Sister Loo, with whom she lived,

and a special Haku lei that Sister Loo made for her (it symbolizes love and friendship)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Week 43 - 1/18/16

No email from Sister Judkins this week but her is an excerpt from a letter to her parents!


"i'll tell you what mom, I have been so deeply changed from these past 10 months. I have never felt so aware of the lord's hand in my life. I am so grateful for the promptings from the Holy Ghost. I heard something cool a couple weeks ago that went, "Heavenly Father made the plan. Jesus Christ fulfilled it. And, the Holy Ghost testifies of it." and that is exactly true. I know faith grows through action, and watching others not take action has greatly made an impact on my life. Helping others to take action has extremely helped me to. and, seeing others act on their faith has testified to me of the truthfulness of this gospel"

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Week 42! 1/11/16

loha All :)

you know you're a missionary when...

you love having a 9pm curfew
you have more food than the size of your fridge (none of which you purchased)
6:30 is sleeping in
not dressed in sunday best feels awkward
you know the area you've been living in for 3 months better than your hometown
everyone you meets seems to be your new favorite person
each time you need to back the car up, someone is there to guide you
people stare at your left shoulder
seeing a tv or hearing the radio is like ... out of this world weird
you find it easy to smile and say hello to random strangers
you give books out like free candy
you know more about a person within a couple of minutes than the average stranger
every morning you wake up knowing exactly what youre going to do
praying in public with someone you've known for 2 minutes is totally normal
you love everyone you meet, not because you have to, but because you feel God's love for them, which is enormous, so you just can't help it.

and so much more... I just love being a missionary. And, the greatest part is those last two, feeling Heavenly Father's love for each of His children, and inviting ALL to come unto Christ through helping them receive the restored gospel.

this week we were able to have a member present at almost every lesson and my testimony of member missionary work GREW IMMENSELY. Five of our investigators: Asalok (from marshal islands), Mr. Impilio (from Philippines), Shirly (from Honokaa), Miajoy (from Philippines), and Diane (from Japan) all took a HUGE step in the gospel this week, they made commitments and KEPT THEM. I know our heavenly father is aware of each of us. he loves you!!! so go out and share that love with others, invite them to come unto Christ, introduce them to the Book of Mormon, have the missionaries over for dinner or fhe, hang out with your family, CPR!! (attend Church, Pray earnestly, and Read & study). I know our heavenly father just wants to bless you, so open your hearts, mind, doors, and scriptures.

Thank you for all your love, prayers, and support. I appreciate it so much. love you all so much, ALOHA <3

Sister Judkins

Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 41 - 1/5/16

Aloha All :)

Okay peeps this week has been awesome, the work is progressing, and we have found a lot of new families and individuals we are excited to teach :D i know the biggest tool we have is the book of mormon, that is how each of us can gain our testimonies and become converted to the gospel.

A few members have told us way neat stories about the power of doing family history and temple work.

Man, I wish I had time to type out the special stories to get you all EXTRA PUMPED about doing both of these things but just know that doing your own family work and then going to the temple to open the gates of Heaven for them, is such a fantastic blessing, and privilege. SO GO TO THE TEMPLE.

So yesterday for church SO many less active members came to fast and testimony meeting and it was da bomb.comt! 

It really was a touching testimony meeting, like it was probably the greatest church meetings i've had on my mission. so. good. 

A member told us just recently that Al Fox Carraway was once asked why she takes this religion so seriously and she said, "well the Savior died for me, I'd say that is pretty serious." and I love that. 

Hopefully that is a tender motivator to be a member missionary in every opportunity possible ;)

Last night Sister Loo and her cute family threw me a surprise birthday party with all my faves people (the Chong's, the Hallford's, the Gancinia's, the Derla's, and of course Sistah Alldredge!) It hit me really hard how incredible life is. How amazing God is. I cannot believe i have to leave my mission this year... it's heart-wrenching, really. i truly have gained a huge love for the people of Hawaii, and for this gospel. I feel so blessed to be here, and to have the gospel in my life <3

everyone look up and watch the "Scriptures Legacy - Extended Broadcast Version" video on lds.org that is what we watched for my bday partay and it was great. :) okay? Okay.

i love you all so much, thank you for the birthday wishes and all the love and support. yall are the bomb.com okay peace n' blessin's 

sister judkins

(special credit to Sister Kelly Alldredge for this email)

yay for birthdays!

ps. mom, i have a new outlook on birthdays now. i think i actually enjoy them, and i may even celebrate future birthdays

i know, crazy. the mission has changed me.

Attached are a few birthday pics.  At church the relief society gave her several leis and sang to her in class

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Week 40 - HALF WAY!!! (1/1/16)

Aloha from the 808-State!

So this past week and a half have been super crazy and busy! it's great.
Christmas was amazing, i hope you all had a wonderful time full of the spirit <3
New years was super cool too.
Happy 2016 :)

you gotta admit, you're excited for 2016 cuz it means you'll be seeing me again ;)

basically, i don't have a lot of time, and i'll be emailing on Monday again, but i just wanna say that i know this gospel is true. AND I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY.

i was able to finish the book of mormon for the third time on my mission on December 31 at 11:54 pm and that was a super neat experience. the book of mormon just brings such a special spirit into our lives, and especially as we talk about it, read from it, and share it with our investigators and less-actives. man, it is the key to conversion. so read it! share it! and love it! haha, okay? okay.

sister alldredge and i have been inviting everyone to make missionary goals for 2016. to share the gospel with others and to also build their testimonies in some way. one family decided to attend the temple more often, another decided to share 12 book of mormons this year. whatever your goal is, take it to our Heavenly Father in prayer, and He will help you to reach it. He knows your full potential and would love to help you reach it. 

Happy New Years everyone. make 2016 a year full of our Savior's love and humble obedience.


sister judkins

There are two pictures of a hike to a lava tube that she did on Christmas eve and a picture of a local bus stop where they hang out to find potential investigators.

New Years eve party and a pic with Elvis (aka Brother Domingo) and a pic with sister Haunani (whose birthday was celebrated and she got a rainbow)