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Monday, January 11, 2016

Week 41 - 1/5/16

Aloha All :)

Okay peeps this week has been awesome, the work is progressing, and we have found a lot of new families and individuals we are excited to teach :D i know the biggest tool we have is the book of mormon, that is how each of us can gain our testimonies and become converted to the gospel.

A few members have told us way neat stories about the power of doing family history and temple work.

Man, I wish I had time to type out the special stories to get you all EXTRA PUMPED about doing both of these things but just know that doing your own family work and then going to the temple to open the gates of Heaven for them, is such a fantastic blessing, and privilege. SO GO TO THE TEMPLE.

So yesterday for church SO many less active members came to fast and testimony meeting and it was da bomb.comt! 

It really was a touching testimony meeting, like it was probably the greatest church meetings i've had on my mission. so. good. 

A member told us just recently that Al Fox Carraway was once asked why she takes this religion so seriously and she said, "well the Savior died for me, I'd say that is pretty serious." and I love that. 

Hopefully that is a tender motivator to be a member missionary in every opportunity possible ;)

Last night Sister Loo and her cute family threw me a surprise birthday party with all my faves people (the Chong's, the Hallford's, the Gancinia's, the Derla's, and of course Sistah Alldredge!) It hit me really hard how incredible life is. How amazing God is. I cannot believe i have to leave my mission this year... it's heart-wrenching, really. i truly have gained a huge love for the people of Hawaii, and for this gospel. I feel so blessed to be here, and to have the gospel in my life <3

everyone look up and watch the "Scriptures Legacy - Extended Broadcast Version" video on lds.org that is what we watched for my bday partay and it was great. :) okay? Okay.

i love you all so much, thank you for the birthday wishes and all the love and support. yall are the bomb.com okay peace n' blessin's 

sister judkins

(special credit to Sister Kelly Alldredge for this email)

yay for birthdays!

ps. mom, i have a new outlook on birthdays now. i think i actually enjoy them, and i may even celebrate future birthdays

i know, crazy. the mission has changed me.

Attached are a few birthday pics.  At church the relief society gave her several leis and sang to her in class

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