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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Week 42! 1/11/16

loha All :)

you know you're a missionary when...

you love having a 9pm curfew
you have more food than the size of your fridge (none of which you purchased)
6:30 is sleeping in
not dressed in sunday best feels awkward
you know the area you've been living in for 3 months better than your hometown
everyone you meets seems to be your new favorite person
each time you need to back the car up, someone is there to guide you
people stare at your left shoulder
seeing a tv or hearing the radio is like ... out of this world weird
you find it easy to smile and say hello to random strangers
you give books out like free candy
you know more about a person within a couple of minutes than the average stranger
every morning you wake up knowing exactly what youre going to do
praying in public with someone you've known for 2 minutes is totally normal
you love everyone you meet, not because you have to, but because you feel God's love for them, which is enormous, so you just can't help it.

and so much more... I just love being a missionary. And, the greatest part is those last two, feeling Heavenly Father's love for each of His children, and inviting ALL to come unto Christ through helping them receive the restored gospel.

this week we were able to have a member present at almost every lesson and my testimony of member missionary work GREW IMMENSELY. Five of our investigators: Asalok (from marshal islands), Mr. Impilio (from Philippines), Shirly (from Honokaa), Miajoy (from Philippines), and Diane (from Japan) all took a HUGE step in the gospel this week, they made commitments and KEPT THEM. I know our heavenly father is aware of each of us. he loves you!!! so go out and share that love with others, invite them to come unto Christ, introduce them to the Book of Mormon, have the missionaries over for dinner or fhe, hang out with your family, CPR!! (attend Church, Pray earnestly, and Read & study). I know our heavenly father just wants to bless you, so open your hearts, mind, doors, and scriptures.

Thank you for all your love, prayers, and support. I appreciate it so much. love you all so much, ALOHA <3

Sister Judkins

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