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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Week 55 - 4/11/16

some highlights of the week:
- while helping our investigator move her stuff in to her home, I picked up the bag full of dishes, and as I walked to the kitchen, yes, you guessed it... the bottom tore open and the dishes fell and shattered all over the floor.... that was one of my more humbling moments of my life lol BUT no one was hurt so have no fear, God is good.
- we met SO many new people this week. We had 147 QGC's, which is basically 147 solid contacts. exciting, right? I've never gotten over 90 before in one week. seriously though, Heavenly Father placed so many amazing people in our path.
- we got to volunteer at the emergency preparedness fair at our chapel on Saturday and after the fair (which was amazing and so fun!) we saw a woman sitting alone in one of the classrooms. we asked if we could help her with anything... she invited us to sit with her. she turned to us and asked, "So how does one become a member of this church?" we taught her about baptism, the Holy Ghost, and faith & repentance. It was so cool how perfectly it flowed, and she was so excited to learn more. she's great.
- we were able to go out to lunch with Elder and Sister Barnes this week!!! they're great. they began their mission just one week before I arrived, and we served my first six months in Hon-West together. They're great, it was so fun to see them again!!
- on Friday we had a FASTING AND FINDING FRIDAY. we began our mission-wide fast Thursday night over a massive conference call. then, we set out all day Friday to find ALL DAY LONG. we had canceled all of our appointments & kept our schedule clear so we could be finding from 10am-8pm, no lunch break or nada. IT WAS SO FUN!! :) so many miracles: finding a family who's ready for the gospel, finding seven new investigators that day, and never feeling the pain of hunger. We were literally feasting on the gospel. it was beautiful.
- Saturday morning we received a phone call from a lady up in San Diego. She was so excited that we had tracted into her BEST friend (Janel) the day before, that we had set a return appointment, and that we had left her with a prayer. The lady said that it's a miracle Janel is allowing us to go back, and she said she's been fasting and praying that Janel will take the missionary discussions and finally be baptized. :) we will be headed back tomorrow to see her & her "closet Mormon" family - btw that's what Janel called herself haha! she said "oh, we're closet Mormons."
- today I was able to talk to KAIPO on the phone!! kaipo was one of the investigators Sister Mason and I taught back in my first area!... he was baptized this afternoon. :) so amazing!!
- I gained a deeper testimony of the Restoration of the gospel as Sister Frost and I shared the missionary moment at Rich's baptism yesterday. The words literally flowed from my companion's & my mouth and the spirit was so strong & it was just a beautiful moment of my mission personally.
- we volunteered to help out at a wedding this week. Guys!!! Hawaiian wedding luau's are THE BOMB. haha it was so fun, and it was touching to see everyone come together. I wish I could send the videos I took :P

okay, so this week was crazy busy & I hope you all understand that I LOVE THIS GOSPEL. so much. I love my Savior. I know that He lives. He loves you!!!! I know if we do our part, we WILL feel Him do His part. He will never fail us, nor will he ever give up on us even after we fall short of our part.

I love you all, thank you for your love & support & prayers.

xoxo & aloha,

Sister Judkins

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