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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Week 57 - 4/25/16


so during these past few weeks I have noticed a weird thing about the number 13, like it has been popping up EVERYWHERE. and usually it is unlucky... but I am determined to change that mindset because this morning sister frost looked at me and said, "Oh happy 13 month mark!" and I was shocked cuz I feel like I just hit my year mark yesterday :P

so anyhoo - the thirteenth month of my mission is going to be full of miracles. I can feel it :) Sister Frost and I have been working really hard and this week we truly TRULY saw the Lord's hand here in the work.

Even though our car battery died this week & my comp got sick this week & one of our solid investigators dropped us & many hearts were hardened against the word of the Lord.... WE SAW MIRACLES!!! our car battery was fixed (actually, replaced for FREE!), we found many service opportunities, our 15 year old investigator set a baptism date, we had three investigators attend church yesterday, and the Lord placed us where we needed to be.

I know this gospel is true. I KNOW IT. I know that God lives. He has a perfect plan for each and every one of us. :) I love it, and I love each of you. Thank you for everything. have a wonderful week. go pick up the book of Mormon and read a couple verses! and pray!! :)

xoxo & ALOHA,
Sister Judkins

we went on a hike with our investigator, Lulu, today!! & this awesome guy was flying over the light house... yes, dad, let's fly over the light house when we come back to visit!!! :)

And...yesterday we went to Weinberg Village to make sure our peeps were going to make it to church, and after saying a prayer in the car, these two kids scared me to death cuz they were just standing right outside my car window when I opened my eyes :P they said, "we sell flowers for $1.00 would you like red, white, or pink? ... we gave them a dollar and a book of Mormon and they were pretty pumped, they ended up giving us 3 flowers for the book of Mormon... I'm not sure if there's any rules/commandments against that? but hey, they're reading the book & they love it :) and we love our flowers.

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