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Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Week 61 - 5/23/16


This week... was AWESOME! some highlights:

- we had 3 chapel tours, 1 with a less-active YSA, 1 with an investigating family, and 1 with a part-member family. the spirit in the Lord's chapels is SO strong. It's awesome. My testimony is always strengthened when we take others on chapel tours :)
- we got to sing in the choir for Stake Conference, we sang secret prayer in Hawaiian and those who are called to labor, or whatever that song is :P I didn't know it before, and now I still don't know it...at least in English, but I could sing the Hawaiian version for ya! :)
- stake conference was AWESOME! we had some members of the Seventy visiting & I got to speak German with one of them. they had great messages to share of the temple & family & the book of Mormon <3 it was so great.
- one of our members in our ward taught us about fighting ghosts this week! it's crazy.
- I can't remember if I mentioned the car crash we got into two weeks ago? my first ever haha, and now we are teaching the lady! God is good :)
- there's always peacocks roaming around here, this week one came running across the street with us, it was like 1 foot away from me! :P
- I had my last interview with President Warner. Him and Sister Warner are headed home less than a month! :( i'll miss them for sure!!
- I finished the Book of Mormon again, haha :) I LOVE THAT BOOK.
- we had so many miracles happen this week. we were led to these two INCREDIBLE families that have been super prepared for the gospel. one of the families is a disfellowshipped family of the Jehovah's Witnesses, you can totally tell how that has prepared them for the gospel. it's humbled them and opened their eyes to the Goodness of God that is REALLY found in the gospel. THE CHURCH IS TRUE GUYS. God is good.

President Warner and I set my release date officially for August 31, which is CRAZY. I love my mission so much. I know this gospel is true. I am for sure looking forward to these next three months and what they have to bring to me and God's children here in Hawaii.

mahalo nui loa for all the prayers & support. the work goes forward. God is good!!!

Sister Judkins

pancakes with chocolate ice cream, brownies, cookie crumbles and chocolate syrup hahaha! only @ Zippy's :)

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