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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 65 - 6/20/16


So here's the deal-e-o

we have some awesome peeps we're working with, and lots of good things going on here in OLOMANA :) this past week i learned a lot about adversity.


we got locked out of our apartment & car, appt's canceled & all that...

but lo and behold!! WE STILL HAD A GREAT WEEK!! :)

here are our three progressing investigators.
Healani: hawaiian, we picked flowers with her, (sorry i can't remember what i have mentioned in these emails haha so sorry for repeats..), so we picked flowers with her, we talked with her, we made leis with her, and then we began to teach her. she started to read, she began to pray, and now she is enjoying the experiences of CONVERSION :) stupid satan tries to get in the way, but she is so strong and has a lot of faith & as long as she keep reading, satan can't even get near her.

Lester: hawaiian/filipino (i think haha!) and he is so great. his wife grew up in the church, and is semi-active at the moment. he's taken the lessons many a times, but now he is actually trying. he is reading and praying and we will be going to church with him THIS SUNDAY :) yay. it's all about that spiritual CPR guys!! CHURCH PRAYER READING.

Jonathon: he is part Haitian, part white haha, he's from New York, and he's so cool!! he is reading and praying and he's had some great experiences so far, he's only 38 years old and we are having a blast teaching him, it's seriously so crazy to see how much the adversary is trying to get to him :( but he's so much stronger. CPR guys! CPR!! 

anyhoo- i know the Book of Mormon is making all the difference in the people's lives. I know it's made such a huge impact on my life. I know that book is true. i know the promises found in it are SURE. God is good, he loves you all! please remember that, and give him the opportunity to speak to you through His holy scriptures <3

have a wonderful week!!!

Aloha <3

Sister Judkins

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