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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Week 27 - HAPPY 6 MONTHS!!

Aloha All :D

here I am in Big Island and I want you all to know, Im never coming home. like, if you'd like to see me ever, i'll be here in Hawaii so come on down. I have fallen in love with the islands and the people and my mission cant ever end, ok? ok.

So last week was SUPER HARD to say goodbye to Aliamanu. I've never cried so much as I left what I came to know as home and ohana.  It was especially to leave behind the work and investigators.  I still haven't left that.....ugh.  I wish someone would've told me how hard it would be to leave an area!!

I was back on Oahu yesterday tho, and I got to talk to the barnes and sister mason.  It's all going well and David, Derrick, Kaipo, Carol and Dave are all still gonna get BAPTIZED THIS MONTH AND NEXT yay!  Ah, it's great. isn't it?

Okay so I feel lost and a little lonely here in these new areas,but I also feel super blessed to be here and I already have adopted family here :)

Sister Maher from Litchfield Park (Phoenix), Arizona is my comp and her and I are having a blast. it's great. We are working hard- there's a lot of good work to do in our two areas. oh yeh!! our areas - Honoka'a and Waimea - are half an hour apart, so we stay in Waimea Mon thru Wed and we stay in Honoka'a Thurs thru Sat and then we attend 6 hours of church on Sundays :)   it's great.

Honoka'a Ward:
a bunch of locals.
the area is BEAUTIFUL
ocean on one side,
forest on the other
and just a TINY town
very country
I love it.

Waimea 1st Ward:
1/3 Marshallese,
1/3 local,
1/3 other...
super great!
it's fun to have such a large variety :)
the town is small but bigger than Honoka'a
very very country.
majority of folks wear cowboy boots to church :)
so wonderful!

there are some really amazing investigators we are working with, one family in particular - the Hallford's - are just...awesome.Charley and Chauncey and their son, Landonare all GETTING BAPTIZED on 17 October.  At church on Sunday, both charley and Chauncey bore their testimonies.  ah, it was beautiful.

well folks, happy October this week, and HAPPY CONFERENCE! yay! I'm so excited.I challenge each of you to prepare yourselves for conference through scripture study and prayer, then go into conference weekend with a question (or multiple questions if something is bothering you).then, I challenge you to LISTEN to each session really LISTEN.
I promise you that your question(s) will be answered.because the Lord always delivers. and those who put their faith, trust and soul into the hands of Him, His prophets seers and revelators, and in the Holy Ghost,
will be delivered (Dan. 3:19-28)
will be lifted (Mosiah 23:22)
will be supported in trials (Alma 36:3,27)
will be led (D&C 11:12)
and will not be confounded (D&C 84:116).


warmest aloha,
s. judkins

- I flew 3 times - to kona, to ohau FIRST CLASS, to kona... woah.
- had women's conference - two investigators came!
- saw the famous Waipio Valley (it's in honoka'a area)
- ate Laulau ...pretty tasty :)
- had a relief society activity with amazing food and fun!
- taught relief society ... yes on my first sunday ... wakaka
- had lunch with Brother Danigan - a hilarious old guy who knows a lot about the history of the church ... so pretty much, lunch was more like an interview and test :| I hope I passed!
- helped someone move to two streets down
- ate pork adobo yummy :)

anyhoo- enjoy the pics!

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