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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Week 24 - 9/8/15

Aloha All :)

well, god is good everyday.

and everyday god is good.

this week has been great, full of learning and growth.
i love this area i LOVE the ward
sister mason is super great. missions are the best.
satan is stupid.
but everything else is awesome.

S. Mason and I were able to teach some really amazing lessons because BAM the spirit is amazing. ah, life is good, yeah? yeah.

So once upon a time, there were two sister missionaries who were teaching an investigator in a small beautiful chapel on a very green hill in paradise. well, the rains came down and the floods came up and the lightning struck. the spirit was strong and the sound of the rain just added to the affect. as the lesson grew to a close, the sisters began to testify of the gospel. just as sister mason concluded her testimony, the THUNDER SHOOK the whole island, and the investigator jumped up and exclaimed (with hands up in the air) "PREACH TO ME, SISTA MASON!"


so just a few days later these two sister missionaries parked their car across from an investigator's home for a visit. As they were leaving the car, there was a voice that called out "how long you park here?" (that's how hawaiians talk, small kine talk) .... the sisters answered "about 10 minutes" and proceeded to have a quality gospel conversation with this man. after the man politely rejected them, they crossed the street as they had planned, but then suddenly, a big truck came roaring up the street and a woman called out "MOVE YOUR CAR. I LIVE THERE. THAT'S MY SPACE. MOVE YOUR CAR." and the two sister missionaries slightly giggled inside because Satan thinks he's clever, but the sisters politely moved their car to the other side of the road and proceeded to have yet another quality gospel conversation. oh, the joys of smacking satan in the mouth.

the advesary works so hard against all of us but guess what brothers and sisters!! WE ARE STRONGER. We have God Himself on our side! He knows each of you. He loves you. He wants to help you. So please continue to follow our Savior so They can help us fight against satan and his followers, and so we can all return to our Heavenly Father as a family <3

i know this gospel is true. i know it with all my heart. and i love it. so so much. this week we were able to go on exchanges once again and sister frost (from ogden) and i got SOAKED LIKE COMPLETELY SOAKED by the rain and floods. and we were walking, and i just could not help but smile because satan was trying to make me feel bad, feel bad that i was soaked, feel bad that we had like two miles left until our car, feel bad that there was no one around to talk to about the gospel, feel bad about not having any lessons by four o'clock in the afternoon... but GUESS WHAT! WE ARE STRONGER <3

i know that much.

love you all, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.

warmest aloha,

Sistah Jay

Sadly no pictures this week, Sister Jay's camera is broken :( :(

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