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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 26 - 9/21/15

Aloha All!

So, the big news is that i'm headed to big island on Wednesday, I've been called as a sister training leader over the island. my comp will be Sister Maher (one of the sisters i came out with!!) and i will be on Kona side serving in two wards :) i am excited for the work there!

the BIGGER news is that DERRICK, DAVID, CAROL AND HER SONS, and KAIPO, ARE GETTING BAPTIZED!!!! it is incredible. this past week all of our prayers were answered, and we were finally able to set dates with most of these people. :)

i have been so blessed to be here in the Aliamanu Ward, and have seen so much growth! i thank our heavenly father for that... because of His love for His children, this work moves forward!! i feel very lucky to be a part of it! i am going to miss this ward with all my heart, but hey! i still got a year so i could be back, and i definitely will stay in touch with my Aliamanu O'hana <3

I've been studying about the Atonement of Jesus Christ a lot this past week. What has really stood out to me is that through studying the Atonement, we can greater understand it. And, through understanding comes appreciation. Which means, we can more fully access the Atonement. Because, when we understand something and appreciate it, we will use it!! This has helped me to teach our investigators and has strengthened my own testimony. I would invite you all to study more of the Atonement. Our Savior knows us, and he is always wanting to help us!! So "lift up your head, child, and rejoice!"


sister j

Oh yeah... I forgot :)

this week was eventful,

we were evacuated on Wednesday due to a tsunami warning... but then we got a call a couple hours later and they said nevermind go back to work. haha, at least i got a couple hours of juggling the soccer ball and sort of relaxing.... that never happens :)

also this week, we started to go to the Whaley's home each morning bright and early to use their garage gym... ouch.

i dyed sister mason's hair.... yeah, evie don't ever let me follow in your footsteps because i will bring shame to our family.

SO MANY LESS ACTIVES AND PEEPS came to church yesterday holy macaroni. i died. my last sunday there, and i got to see so many of our brothers and sisters i never thought i'd see there. ah, god is good.

Also yesterday, the youth (ages 12-18) ran our sacrament meeting. they gave talks, bore testimony, had two beautiful musical numbers, and pretty much had all of us in tears. it was a very powerful sacrament, and i would invite any of your wards/stakes to try it out! super fantastic. such a PERFECT meeting for the less actives and investigators there <3

okay, God is good. the church is true. Our Savior lives. He loves you <3

and so do i!!!


sista jay

Fijian family i am going to GREATLY miss... ah there is so many families i'm going to miss 

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