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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Week 28 - 10/05/15

Aloha All!

okay this week was the GREATEST.
not even joking, it was probably the best week on my mission yet!
we did see a lot of disappointments and discouragements,
but we met some amazing people and DOUBLED our number of baptisms coming up :)
God is good, guys.
God is good.

He allowed us to be in the right place at the right time
so we were able to meet the right people <3

I wish I had time to go into detail with each individual and family,
but maybe i'll do that after their baptisms
(Hallford O'hana, Patricia and Dyanna, and Makemai)

I know our Heavenly Father knows and loves each of his children.
it just would not work any other way.
this gospel is true

hope yall enjoyed conference.
it was pretty great :)
my favorite part was our investigator, Charley, came running into us after Priesthood Session and was telling his wife, "I got to see the prophet! I got to see the actual living prophet!!" it is pretty special we have the opportunity to watch conference TWICE a year and hear from all our wonderful leaders, even if they're "old men".
be sure to send me your verse of the week when ya feelin it!
my ponderizing verse is:
ETHER 12:3-4
Also, the Hawaii Honolulu Mission is reading the Book Of Mormon in 80 days!
if you'd like to join us, it is
start today and read with me :)
<attached is the reading schedule I am following>

love yall <3 remember...
God is good.

sistah jay

ps. sorry for no pics this week... :|

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