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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 29 - 10/12/15

Aloha All,

this week was pretty great. we had temple cleaning one day, zone conference another, exchanges another, and the IRONMAN on Saturday! kept us super busy, but hey, busy is good!!

one of our investigators, Aunty Diane, has been meeting with the sisters for over a year now, and still has not come to church. some may say that she is not progressing, but here's what you gotta understand about Diane.. she was raised Buddhist and never learned anything about God, Jesus Christ, or the gospel. a little over a year ago was the first time she even heard about any of those things! She now studies from the Book of Mormon and reads from the pamphlets and talks we give her. and just a couple days ago, SHE PRAYED FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! it was absolutely beautiful. & i just feel like the most blessed person ever because i was able to hear her pray. could you imagine hearing someone pray to their heavenly father for their very first time? man, it's beautiful.

i'll tell you what, family friends and strangers, GOD IS SO GOOD. and i'll tell you a couple reasons why:

- the spirit was so strong as we cleaned the temple in all white clothing on Wednesday. i was able to clean the oxen holding up the baptismal font, and that was a very cool experience! somebody told me that all the oxen are a little different, but to me they all pretty much looked the same haha. temples=god is good
- i didn't know i was so stressed, but when i was in hilo last Friday we were sent to a member's home for some service. some guy handed me a machete (spelling?) and i looked at him with wide eyes. (it was a HUGE machete). i was sent to a section in the elephant grass and was told to cut the grass down to shin height. let's just say, cutting down thick grass with a machete is exactly what i needed that day. God is good.
- President Loo from the Stake presidency was SENT TO US Wednesday night when we hurriedly prepped our car for it's Thursday morning inspection. haha too funny, he literally saved us tho, and i know god sent him. God is Good.
- i got to spend exchanges with Sister Jenkins. we thought it was fun to say, my name is sister Judkins and this is my companion, sister Jenkins. or visa versa :) she is really awesome, a wonderful missionary! God is good for sending her out here <3
- dinner @ the Derla's! They are such a strong family! They are preparing to go to the temple in January, which marks their one year since they were baptized! So awesome! & Brother Derla is a chef, so he always makes us a ton of good food! They didn't feed us Balut this time.. but next time they will :) mom, dont look it up! wakaka
- we were able to be on TV on Saturday at the iron man world championship! man, that was super cool! we also got to witness our bishop in Waimea ward compete, which was super awesome haha! he did quite well. we handed out bananas, gel, oranges and water to the bikers as they passed! i also tried to hand pass along cards to them, but they didn't seem to like that :| haha, it was a good experience tho, and dad i look forward to doing the iron man with you some day!
-we met uncle joe (one of our investigators) this week, he is usually a pretty sad man, but the spirit told me i needed to tell him about my experiences as an exchange student in Germany. his eyes just BRIGHTENED. he explained he lived in Germany for 3 years in the military, but he stayed with locals and really fell in love with the country and the people. he had so many stories to share and we spoke in german for a good part of the time. when we left his home, he had a big smile and was muttering some german words i will not put on here haha :) it was just so wonderful, God is good.
- the work is really starting to pick up, and we are constantly at a go. it is seriously the greatest thing ever. i love my mission! it has been so fun to work so hard and to see the different ways the gospel blesses lives and changes people <3

I am so excited for this upcoming week! I will be able to witness 3 of our amazing investigators enter the waters of baptism this Saturday. I feel so blessed to have been able to teach them these past couple of weeks... it really has been the BEST experience to watch them grow as they have come to love the Gospel more & more.

This Gospel is true. I love being able to share it with our brothers and sisters, and I am so grateful to have made the decision to serve a full time mission! It truly is the best! <3

love you all so much, mahalo nui loa fur alles & MUCHO ALOHA <3

Sister Judkins

She likes the ocean, right?

perfect shirt for mini fussy budget princess.  she couldn't hold still for the picture ha ha 

The following is an excerpt from Brigitte's letter to her dad that had a great message about the Ironman competition (an extreme triathalon) and the Gospel:

"I totally went to iron man on Saturday, we volunteered all morning :) it was pretty fun to hand out bananas and gel to the bikers as they flew by, and I thought of you the entire time! it was also kind of a spiritual experience to see these people dying of exhaustion and just calling out "water. water!" or "banana banana" as they came closer to us. they were relying completely on us giving it to them, and it had to be at the perfect timing or else the banana or water would drop. it was cool to hand people exactly what they needed to survive the race, and that's exactly what were doing as missionaries. we are handing out the book of Mormon, the teachings of jesus Christ, THE GOSPEL. and, people need the gospel to spiritually survive. some are getting exhausted in their lives and they are searching everywhere for something to hold on to. others are unsure if they need anything "deeper or bigger" in their lives, but once they see it or hold it, they figure out THEY NEED IT. and then there are some who avoid us completely, like the bikers who bike four feet away from us and don't talk, don't even look our way, they are set in their path, and they may or may not regret it a few miles down the road... but eventually they may think back and say "man, that would have been nice." and eventually, they realize they need an extra boost, a little more direction. at least God knows what perfect timing is in our lives, and I have come to understand that EVERYONE needs the gospel."

Here are a few pics that Brigitte sent this week.  They show Brigitte working at the Ironman, transfers, Kona zone group pic, and the cute family that will be baptized next Saturday :)

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