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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Week 22 - 8/24/15

This is part of Brigitte's email we received late last Tuesday.  She usually sends a family one and one for everyone else.  But last week we just got one short note.  

Hey momma :)

wow, your week sounds so super great!!! i'm so happy. hello to heather :) I did get my hair cut last Monday, and since my hair has become so super blonde, I will be dying it next week. there's a super nice lady in our stake who has been happy to cut and dye our hair for free and we are teaching her :) she's so cute.

it's crazy landen is already headed out, didn't he just get his call like last week? haha super cool :) ah, 15 of us out on missions. wow.

mom, these past 4 days have been exactly what I needed, as we did lots of missionary work on Friday, service all day Saturday, and Missionary Leadership Council (MLC) on Monday, temple today, AND THEN on sunday we had a bunch of less-actives show up and the meetings were incredible and we were able to sit down with bishop and his wife and they are just the sweetest things ever and we were able to talk about the different families and individuals in the ward, as well as just life in general :) so great.

so yeah, today we were able to go to the temple, and yesterday we had MLC and I apologize if I didn't mention that last week that we were going to have pday on Tuesday haha love you so so much though and i'm so grateful for you and your example and testimony <3 5 months in.



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