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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Week 21 - 8/17/15

Aloha All,

So this week was hilarious. seems like we didn't stop laughing.. even when I was sick for a couple days, sister mason and I were able to have a good time with everyone this week :)

it all started with fhe last Monday with 3 young families. The two year old, Sam, decided he liked the one-month old baby. Sam began to rub the baby's tummy that was in his cradle. we were all like, "awe sam, good kid." and we looked away for only a second, when we looked back, Sam had picked up this baby by the onesie and thigh and was carrying him like a doll haha it was so scary, but after it was all taken care of and the baby was safe, it was funny. :)

well, then we were able to spend a day at the mission home with the funniest senior couple ever, the Gardeners, some of you may have heard of them from ksl news or whatever. haha they are great :)

we also have this thing called "Walking Wednesday" where we take a fast from our car for a day. This week we got SO SUNBURNED in just two hours of tracting. Ah! Welcome to Hawaii, friends. But, we were able to meet some really amazing people, so it was totally worth it :)

so yes, transfers were last week, and LUCKY ME!! I'm staying here in Aliamanu, Hon-West with S. Mason! Yay. I love this ward so much. we have also been called as siter training leaders as well, and we are just really excited for everything coming up this transfer :)

so yes, last week, COURAGE WAS BAPTIZED!! She is amazing <3 the work is moving forward and although I was pretty sick this week, we were still able to have a successful, glorious, fun time.

the lord always finds a way to do his work. I am grateful for this opportunity to be his hands in this gathering and strengthening work here and now <3

i'd like to invite all of us to try this week, instead of asking Him to help you, ask Him how you can help.

we all have a role.

Aloha <3

Sister Judkins

ps. nobody kill me, but my camera lost ALL OF IT'S PICTURES. trust me, no one is more distraught than I am. so, my apologies for no pictures this week and last :/

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