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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 20 - 8/10/15

We received a short message from Brigitte this week along with one picture.  In her personal email to me, she said she and Sister Mason are staying in Honolulu West and have been called as the Sister Training leaders, which means they are overseeing 4 other companionships!  She is very excited about this opportunity, but mostly excited about remaining with her current investigators.

"Courage was baptized on Saturday!!! She is amazing. a single mother from Chuuke and her baptism was absolutely beautiful <3 it was a miracle that it all finally came together... she had four different companionships working with her, because the elders left that were teaching her, then s. mason and i stepped in, then we transferred her to the Micronesian ward because we thought she would progress more fully there... but then she decided to come back to us, but by then the elders had stepped back in ahhhhh poor girl haha but she was really flexible and held firm to her testimony of Jesus Christ and never lost sight of her goal of baptism and the temple. she is going to be a wonderful member of the church <3

xoxo and much aloha,
Sister J"

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