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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Week 74 - 2nd to last week!!! 8/22/16

This is her 2nd to last letter as Brigitte flies home on September 2.  Her homecoming will be held on September 18, at 1pm.  The church address is 1475 N 50 E in Centerville.  We would love to see you all there!!

So this week was full of incredibleness. is that a word?

just two things I'd like to share in the short time I have to email...

1- We have been working with a part-member family since I first got to the Olomana Ward 7 months ago, and they have had their ups and downs in their progression in the gospel... yet they have always remained positive. Their faith is strong that God is preparing them to receive answers & that He has a perfect plan for their family. BUT THEY DON'T REGULARLY ACT ON THEIR FAITH. The husband, Les, had a baptism date for this upcoming Sunday, the 28th, but he hasn't been reading faithfully or coming to church and he hasn't received the answers we promised him.

on the other hand, we have another brother we're working with, his name is Mick. He has the same desire as Les - to find answers, to know of the truthfulness of the gospel, & to fulfill God's plan for him and his family. Mick has taken every reading assignment and been faithful, he has been very prayerful, and he has made a commitment to attend church this upcoming sunday.

we've only been working with Mick for 3 weeks, but we can see the huge difference his searching has made. He feels the companionship of the holy ghost. he feels Heavenly Father's guidance through the Book of Mormon.

today I was reading in Alma 32 and it finally hit me that in verse 38 it basically says that when we don't take care of our faith and exercise it, it's easy for us to forget it and in verse 39, "therefore ye cannot have the fruit thereof" and verse 40, "ye can never pluck of the fruit of the tree of life"

SO SAD!! I've witnessed it on my mission... sometimes we don't exercise our faith, or we forget to do the little things, and then we cannot receive the blessings.

we have to act on our faith if we want to receive answers from God.

2 - we had A RESCUE WALK on Saturday. we fasted & went out walking, knocking doors all day. we had 5 sisters from the ward come out with us. Each one took an hour and half shift. Although they were nervous to come out with us, they came anyway :D & WE SAW MIRACLES HAPPEN. this is an experience i'll never forget. They all did so well, and the spirit was so strong the whole day. Members getting involved in missionary work is THE BOMB.

I'm so grateful for the gospel. it is true. I know God lives. I know He loves us, and he wants to bless us. GO OUT AND WORK FOR THOSE BLESSINGS. :)

I love you all, and wish you a fabulous week. Keep Les & Mick in your prayers please.

Sister Judkins

ps. if any of you would like something from Hawaii you better email me before next week Monday so I can pick it up from the swap meet next week before I head back to UT. peace n' blessins!!

pics: THE WINDWARD WARRIORS @ district meeting, me learning how to pick breadfruit and my comp cooking it, and me with Sister Vidinhar (one of our rescue sisters).

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