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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Week 72 - 8/8/16

Aloha :)

so this week was FULL of missionary work :)

it was awesome.

full of tough times, difficult situations, flaky appointments, awkward moments, heart-breaking things, and disappointing follow-ups... BUT also incredible opportunities, open doors, softened hearts, amazing people & LOTS OF MIRACLES.

We found ourselves put in the right place at the right time quite a lot this week.

yay :) that means we're doing something right!!

The spirit was so strong as we visited with people off the streets, and let me tell you, I KNOW this is the Lord's work. because He is here every step of the way.

oh KALEB!! (my baby bro) guess what one of the sisters made for me on exchanges!? Ramen and eggs!! i had been craving that since last year march.. made me think of you ;) it tasted almost just like yours!

One of the investigators, Victoria, LET US DO SERVICE FOR HER!! She is so stubborn, and we knew she and her family was struggling. God really softened that woman's heart. and she's incredible. God is good.

oh and at sacrament yesterday we had those same inactive families come!!! plus one of our investigators FOR THE FIRST TIME :) it was grand!!!

God is good. I know He lives.

Please continue to trust in Him and follow him!!!


Sister Judkins

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