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Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Week 71 - 8/1/16

Aloha :)

basically this week was pretty great!

I just wanted to let you all know that MIRACLES STILL HAPPEN. & we witnessed some this week.

3 inactive families came to church, along with 3 of our investigators. there were also 3 of our investigators who committed to baptism this week. we found 3 new investigators, too... and I think that was all the three's for the week hahaha

this week we took one of our investigators, T, (yes, his name is T) out on a chapel tour!! the spirit was so strong and he was just so happy to be learning. I LOVE THAT! it's so fun to teach people who are excited to learn about the gospel. we also had a member with us who's never come out with us before and man, it was just perfect!! GOD IS GOOD!!!

I was reading this week in the book of Mormon about abinadi and alma. I just love how dedicated they were to sharing the gospel. they truly put their trust in the Lord and were such incredible missionaries. I hope we can all be the same! Be dedicated to living the gospel. trust in His covenants and rely on the Atonement. miracles truly happen when we do so.

have a wonderful week!!! :)


Sister Judkins

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