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Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Week 47 - 2/16/16

Sunrise pics by the beach, thank goodness for sidewalks that go close haha


this is shai <3 he is one of our smartest peeps I have ever taught... and one day he is going to be famous.

in the last lesson I asked
"Shai do you have anything youd like to teach us today?"
he replied, "I don't think so.."
then like 20 minutes later when we were leaving he ran up to us and said,
"I know what I can teach you! next time I will be teaching you how to do a cartwheel. so wear pants!!"

update will come next Monday. :)

im excited!

saying goodbye to the derla's (this is the family that was sealed in the temple on January 15) they are the most amazing family ever. their love for the temple is contagious, and because of them so many people have made the temple their goal and desire <3

saying goodbye to Aaliyah :( these are her parents, they have worked so hard to get back to church and are looking towards the temple!! such a sweet family. i'll never forget Aaliyah's baptism, where her and her parents sang and played the ukulele!!

saying goodbye to my peeps, elder killpack, sister alldredge, elder Jamison and elder jones. IT WAS SO SAD TO LEAVE KONA :(

OH MY GOODNESS BTW... when I got to Oahu, I was the only sister flying in to Oahu that day, and all the elders got picked up in the first 10 minutes. so I was sitting there waiting for my ride... an hour passed... an hour and a half.... two hours... then I called the mission office (borrowing a nice aunty's phone) and THEY HAD FORGOTTEN ABOUT ME!! :( so funny cuz you know, God is good. & it was definitely for a reason.. I was able to talk to strangers, play my uke while I was waiting, catch up on my book of Mormon reading, and really ponder about my mission. God is good haha :)

Also, everyone please watch this video:

our new area,

one of our investigators, Leona, asked us to help her with her homework for medschool. this was the box she sent us home with, full of flash cards to cut and organize :)

and doing studies in our cute apartment (we are really spoiled...)

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