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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Week 45 - 2/1/16

The attached pics are from a trip to the temple and with her new ward mission leader and her new companion

Aloha All,

Happy February! I cannot believe how fast time flies. From Aliamanu, to Aiea, to Waimea, to Honokaa and now to Olomana... from Oahu to the big island and back to Oahu...


I feel so very blessed to be out here, to know these peeps and to have the opportunity to teach them and watch them grow and progress in the gospel.

This weekend my comp and I were privileged to meet and hear from Elder Jeffery R. Holland .... TWICE!!! :)

So i'd like you to do yourself a favor and GO GRAB YOUR BOOK OF MORMON.

got it?


Now open up to 3 Nephi 17. here, as Elder Holland explained, Jesus has now spent an entire day with the Nephites. In the first 4 verses we learn that Jesus recognizes the people are weak and unable to understand all He has to teach. He explains that he will come again tomorrow and he must go visit the lost tribes of Israel.

now read verse 5.

everyone is in tears and are looking "steadfastly upon him as if they would" like him to stay a little longer.


In verse 7 and 8, Jesus asks for all those who are sick and afflicted to come and to be healed.

now read verse 9.

notice it says ALL THE MULTITUDE did go forth.

Elder Holland said, "everyone's got problems. They're all hurt. they're all a little lame, a little blind, a little halt, a little maimed."

And Christ healed them ALL.

I know each of you have struggles right now, whether anyone else knows what they are or not.. I know Jesus Christ CAN HEAL YOU. It is only through coming unto him that that is possible.

Elder Holland pointed out the importance of Christ's calling, the importance that He must go and visit the lost tribes, and be with the Father. but he drops it all for a short time in order to administer, bless, heal, just to be with US.


Look in Psalms chapter 26 where it says 26 times, "GOD'S MERCY ENDURETH FOREVER."

Although I say missions are the best, it doesn't mean it is easy. Although we find much success in the work, we see many discouragements every day. Although we see many people rejoicing in the gospel, we also see those who are burdened with drugs, abuse, divorce, sickness, depression, PRIDE, and so many other things. Although there are people ready and willing to listen, we come across many who's hearts are hardened and who are not willing to listen to and obey God.

how sad is that?

I challenge each of you to read more, repent more, love more, forgive more, DO MORE. I know our Heavenly Father loves you and is aware of you. He knows your goodness and He knows your weaknesses. He knows how to succor you, so trust in Him.

I love this new area. I love this ward. we have an amazing ward mission leader and I have a great companion (sister gamil from the Philippines, she's been out 10 months, same as me!). I am excited to see where obedience and hard work and faith pay off. :) good things are coming!

Stay tuned.

Sister Judkins

OH PS!!!! ELDER HOLLAND QUOTED ME!! He said, "God is good. He is good always. There is not a bad bone in His body."

there you have it folks, GOD IS GOOD.

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