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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Week 46 - 2/8/16

he pictures are of an 87 year old man named Choo and Brigitte and her companion.  Here is an excerpt from her letter to us :
    "even though my companion was not feeling well this week, we still were able to GET 4O LESSONS!! it was really cool, the most I've ever gotten before was like 32 or 34 :P so it was really awesome. the bishop came up to me yesterday and said, "holy cow you just doubled the weekly average, we are so excited to have you serve in our ward!!" haha it made me feel good but afterwards when my comp and i were in the bathroom i told her, "maybe we should've started out with a bad week, then they wouldn't have such high expectations" wakaka hopefully we can keep it up :)"

my new address is :

41-749 Mekia St.
Waimanalo, HI

Aloha All,

This week was definitely a week of miracles! God is seriously so good you guys. we were able to contact some part-member families that are INCREDIBLE!! and we met some really awesome peeps :) it's amazing that when we have the spirit with us, we always end up in the right place at the right time. Like we decided to take a different way to our appointment this week, and because of that we contacted a part member family, the Skagg's, that the ward has been trying to catch for months!!! and then a couple days later we decided to drive by a different part-member family to see if they were home. they weren't. but, on that street we saw the Skagg's out in their front yard spreading their new driveway. so we hopped out of our car and ran on over to help. PERFECT TIMING. That's how good God is, PERFECT.

We were able to start teaching some really awesome new investigators this week, i'm excited to see where it goes :) UNFORTUNATELY THO, THE SUPERBOWL WAS YESTERDAY. yeah, i bet my family never thought i'd say that... everybody was having parties, everyone was drinking and smoking and NOBODY "had the time" to talk with us. it is so sad that we allow worldly things to govern our decisions. i promise people would have seen miracles in their lives if they would've just paused the tv for 5 minutes, or muted the commercial to listen to a scripture. and what makes it even more sad was it was the Sabbath. The Lord's day. And everyone was glued to the tv, yelling and screaming, drinking. bleh!! satan is stupid.

In fast and testimony meeting yesterday a man mentioned how we, as members of the true church of Jesus Christ, NEED TO BE A PECULIAR PEOPLE. we need to STAND OUT. because if we "blend in" it means we are part of the world. he encouraged everyone to keep the Sabbath day a little more holy, to do a little more service, to read the book of Mormon a little more, and to trust a little deeper in the goodness of God.

that's when miracles happen.

love you all so much. remember,


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