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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Week 53 - 3/28/16

TALOFA all (switchin it up!),

I hope yall had an amazing, spirit-filled, uplifting Easter weekend.

I sure did!! I was able to have a "reset" week. With hitting my year markšŸ˜, zone conferencešŸ¤—, and General Women's ConferencešŸ˜‚, I did a lot of pondering and goal setting. šŸ¤” I also finished the Book of Mormon this morningšŸ™ƒ. Here are a few of my thoughts that may be worth sharing:

- yesterday we helped teach the primary kids about Missionary Work. One of the girls said that a missionary's purpose is to preach the gospel & help them be happy. She said that "it is only through the Holy Spirit that someone can choose to listen when the missionaries preach the gospel and then they can be happy." that's a brilliant 7 year old. amen.

- In Zone Conference we learned how to truly plan for a lesson. it was perfect, exactly what sister frost and I needed. while role playing, I stood as the investigator (Riley) and the Elders who were teaching me brought a member with (sister frost as sister brown). The missionaries taught and it was great, but then Sister Brown told me her experience with learning the gospel and basically bore here testimony to me. and the spirit hit me. my testimony grew of MEMBERS BEING PRESENT at the lessons and MEMBERS BEARING THEIR TESTIMONIES TO OTHERS. it made all the difference.

- late Friday night we were led to a homeless shelter to visit a potential investigator. Although I probably wouldn't have chosen that place to be at that time, we felt that we needed to be there. it ended up being a wonderful lesson with Joanne and we plan to go again for service and to start the lessons. then on the way out of her home, we started talking to Rena, a young woman from Chuuk. Her son was badly hurt and she was so touched that we cared enough to stop and ask to serve her. she was also touched by the prayer we said, and she was so excited to learn more of the gospel.

so God is SO GOOD. He helps us learn and grow and gives us all that we need to do so. He places us where we need to be, but remember what the little 7 year old said? she said we NEED THE HOLY SPIRIT TO ACCEPT TEACHINGS AND THEN TO BE HAPPY AS WE ACT ON THOSE TEACHINGS.

I challenge each of you to prepare yourselves spiritually for General Conference so that you can have the spirit with you. then you will be open to the counsel from the Lord, you will have the strength to act on it, and you WILL BE HAPPY :)

I hope this email sorta made sense haha! I love you all, and I love this gospel. I know it is true, and I am so pumped for conference this weekend!!!! :)

xoxo & pure aloha,

Sister Judkins

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