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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Week 50!! 3/7/16

Aloha All :)

Okay 17 minutes until email times up.... let's do this.

So many incredible and wonderful things have happened these past few weeks, and I cannot believe how quickly this transfer FLEW!!! I am so touched by the love I feel here. it's unlike anything else... seriously guys, the church is true. God is real. & missionary work is the bomb.

here's some highlights of these past two weeks:
. we met King Kamehameha (7th generation)... whatever that means? and he truly believes he should be king. like, he said he would like to take over the islands and get rid of this "fake" system we have here, he claims Hawaii was never ACTUALLY made a state of the US, so yes, that was interesting :)

.we did service @ pearl harbor, so fun, we ran wire through the whole boat, took hours, and we were all sweating hahahah I dunno why I thought it was so fun :P but it was!

. we went whale watching this pday and bleh no whales liked me, everyone would see them right as I turned away. like, im serious. it happened probly 9 or 10 times.

.we met with this really awesome guy, Adam, i'm really excited about him. we challenged him to read the book of Mormon because he is currently studying the bible in depth, and we could promise him that reading the bom would help him further his knowledge and faith. it's beautiful that that promise IS REAL.

. we went on SPLITS!!!! it was so fun. we took sister lo and sister Wilson out with us, they are both retired women that love the gospel. it was beautiful, and while on this split we met with a gator named Angela & she too accepted the challenge to read the bom :)

.we had a beautiful fireside which 3 of our investigators came to. the theme was Come Unto Christ. I challenge all of you to INVITE OTHERS TO COME UNTO CHRIST :) it is wonderful.

. we had a special Zone Flood (which rarely rarely happens) because we got trained on what's called the Survey Approach. It's wonderful, it works, and we met so many wonderful people because of it.

. we continued to work with our amazing investigators and crazy less-actives.

. we went to the Lai'e temple <3 gorgeous.

. we scooped poop as service hahaha horses are nasty but it was fun :)

. we helped with a garage sale for one of our less-active families .... but BLEH! they didn't come to church even after all our hard work ... guess it goes to show no matter how hard we try it is still up to the individual to do their part.

. we got TRANSFER NEWS :( sister gamil is leaving me for Makakilo (spelling? idk.) and I am getting Sister Frost from Ogden, Ut. I will miss gamil so much :( we had SO much fun with working so dang hard. it's wonderful, and we had a great six weeks.

I am so grateful for this gospel. from service, to the beautiful creations we get to enjoy, to teaching & testifying, to making life-long friends, to studying the perfect gospel.... it doesn't get any better than that. sure we still so many discouragements and life is tough sometimes, but hey GOD IS GOOD. and as long as we focus on that & trust in the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we can get through anything.

I love you all so much & im so thankful for your love prayers and support.

I hope this email makes sense wakaka :)


Sister Judkins

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