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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Week 14 - 6/29/15

Aloha all :)

So this week has been pretty awesome. First things first though...
we got transfer news..
in missionary talk, my mother is leaving me behind.
She got transferred to Waipahu (ohau), into a samoan ward!!
I'm going to miss my mother so dang much :/ but she's going to be amazing over there.

I am staying here in aliamanu :) I will be "training" a "new" sister!
Her name, i'm not sure..
but, she is Tongan!
She served here in Hawaii for about a year, but then got really really sick and had to return home! She has been home for TWO years and she is now coming back out to serve in Hawaii to finish up her last six months.
Wow, right?
She sounds amazing, and i'm really excited to serve with her!

This week we had stake conference, and I learned a lot. We had an inactive family show up and WE ABOUT DIED. ah, life is good.
We also had quite a few of our investigators show up as well :)
life is good.

The work is progressing and it is so fun to see people progress so much and their testimonies strengthen. Really though, the biggest change I've seen is in myself.

One thing our stake is REALLY pressing of importance is the temple. Get to the temple! And keep going!!

There was a sister who spoke that gave us a brief background of how hard she has worked to support her children as a single parent, and how much she presses her children work as well. "But," she said, "I don't want my children to remember how hard I work. I want them to remember that I pray, and that I pray for them." I thought that was pretty cool :)

Temple is IMPORTANT, church is true, prayer is key, love is impactful, work is necessary, God loves you, and our Savior is always there <3

Thanks for everything. Love you all.

xoxo aloha,

Sister J

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