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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Week 10 - 6/1/15

Aloha All :)

This week was incredible.
We had Pearl Harbor service last Wednesday, which means we've been to Pearl Harbor 3 weeks in a row...
... and we're going again today :)
on Friday we attended an elementary school Mayday!! One of our investigator's sons had the celebration and invited us! His name is Jayden. He was the prince of Maui for the celebration, pretty much I would describe this program as a luau type deal but all the different grades learn a dance and they perform it. and yeah it was amazing I loved it dearly! They have a prince and princess for each island that are "royalty" and they sit and overlook the stage after the opening ceremony/dance. So Jayden is royalty and he's awesome. I totally got the chills with each dance they performed. the music has just such good vibes and I felt honored to be a part of it. I feel so lucky to have some Hawaiian in me now :)
Like I said, this week was incredible.
and that is because of the members in our ward.
this week was a miracle! we suddenly have a lot of members stepping up to help us out, and giving us referrals, and inviting people over for dinner. it is great. we really need it, and anyone can see how much the ward has grown just from a couple people stepping up.
Yesterday for 5th sunday we had a combined meeting yeah? yeah. and holy cow you could feel the love so strongly. the church is true. the love is real. its amazing :) this ward is a family. they are my family :)
we are looking forward to this month of june, because we have a lot of great goals and a whole lot of people to visit :) plus we are going to the temple this month YAY!
happy june everyone! and happy birthday to EMILY MCKENNA and anyone else with birthdays :)

Mahalo Nui Loa and Much Aloha <3 xoxo

Sister Judkins

We also finally received a photo (although Sis Judkins isn't in it..)

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