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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Week 15 - 7/1/15

Aloha All,

Holy fetch. It's july already. Happy fourth last week, I hope everyone was safe and had a wonderful time! We, the Hon-West Zone, threw our own party up in the church's parkinglot that overlooks the valley, the sunset, the ocean, and the FIREWORKS!! We had a barbecue and were able to play some card games, play some soccer (yay), and just chill out :) it was a blast.

so! transfers!! that was fun... so long story short, my companion was unable to make it this transfer, so I got put into a trio with two sisters... for about an hour... and then got a call from President Warner saying he found me a companion! .. I was all, "off the street?" and he said "nooo it's your sister, sister Mason!"

yay I was so pumped. mason and I have the same trainer, smith. So, we are already hard at work and seeing so many incredible miracles!

The day after transfer day was funeral dinner for all the dying missionaries (the missionaries finishing their missions)... 25 missionaries went home, and we helped President's wife prepare their funeral dinner, clean, etc etc. super fun. it was so sad to see so many elders and sisters finish their missions. I can't even imagine how fast time went for them, I can't believe I've already been out three months. it's crazy talk.

anyhoo.... yesterday we were able to attend another ward's sacrament with a family we've been working with, and one of the speakers bearing their testimony said "through the trials, God carries us." I really loved that because its so true. She also said, "He loves us through the hard times." and I love that, as well. I know God knows each and every one of us. We are His children, and I know that we need to stand as brothers and sisters in this difficult world. We need to be the examples of truth and righteousness, and we need to help one another as God helps us. Let's push the rock together.

I'm super excited about this transfer.. S. Mason and I have some great goals we have set with our ward mission leader and bishop. The ward is really beginning to get involved, and it is just looking great. I LOVE MISSIONARY WORK. Being a missionary is the greatest thing ever.

xoxo and much aloha,

Sister J

ps. happy belated to Milo, Clinton, Auntie Emily, and Karl.. sorry I missed you guys the last couple weeks :/

and HAPPY BIRTHDAY THIS WEEK TO: my sisters, Micadyn and McKelle, and Auntie Heidi <3

Sister Judkins and the other missionaries do service every Saturday and are making a life size Candy Land game for the preschoolers.  She is very excited!

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