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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Week 7 - 5/12/15

Aloha All!!

This week went by so quickly, and I honestly can't remember much of it haha it seems like time is just all smashed together as a missionary, and you'd be surprised at how much I rely on my planner. S. Smith and I have seriously learned to write EVERYTHING down. EVERYTHING. haha it's great :)

We met so many amazing people this week, and the main focus we had was on the women and mothers of our area. (Happy Mothers Day btw to all the Mothers and Mother-figures out there!!) I had such a great time seeing and talking with my family yesterday!! And Happy birthday to all those with birthdays this week :) I forgot to double check my calendar so ... yeah hbd to whomever you are!

One really cool thing is that we are teaching an old german guy and we speak german together. we call him Opa :) it's great. it makes life interesting and he and his family are really really awesome. His wife and her family are all baptized in the church, but he is not (yet) haha there seriously are just so many incredible people around here and like I've said before, I can feel our Savior's love for them. Each and every one of them. I just want you all to know that you are loved. The church is true! Please do the things that you know you should be doing to continually build that relationship of you and your Heavenly Father. One thing that Smith and I teach people over and over again is that HOPE IS VITAL. Like it says towards the end of Moroni chapter 7, hope in Christ is the only way to have faith, and we NEED faith. So, WE NEED HOPE.

Don't lose hope, no matter what you or a loved one is facing. I promise Christ is there, and through Him all is possible.

Mahalo Nui Oi and Much Aloha,

Sista J

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