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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 37 - 12/7/15


this week was full of great things :) we were able to attend the temple which started the whole week off beautifully <3

Elder Hamula from the Seventy came for our mission tour this week, and we were able to hear from him and his wife! he had a really interesting approach to his message, which centered around us fulfilling our duty in order for miracles to occur <3 his quote, "you are depriving yourself of more miracles when you..." really hit me. because, how many things do we look at in life and say, "I can't let go of that.." or "that's too hard for me.."

his promise to us was as we are exactly obedient in the mission field, we WILL see miracles. but I want to extend that promise to all of you... as we are exactly obedient to the gospel in our lives, we WILL see miracles. and we will be of hands to help others receive their miracles.

life is good. the gospel is perfect. so share it! and smile :) I know our heavenly father is aware of each of you and he loves you so much!! keep working hard and trusting in the Lord.

sister Judkins :)

This really nice couple from Waikoloa Ward (Kona Stake) takes us missionaries out to Hawaiian Style for breakfast every first pday of every month <3 they are too sweet! today they took 3 companionships out and we were one of the lucky ones!

aking our weeky hike up to haunani's house <3

haunani is a convert of 2 years, and she has the most incredible story. well, recently she stopped coming to church (like april of this year) due to some hardships she was facing! BUT guess what got her to come to church this week!!!! MISSIONARY WORK. we challenged her to give a book of Mormon away, and SHE DID! she found a woman on a bus who really needed to hear haunani's testimony and was interested in joining her at church, so haunani decided it was time to get back. ah, life is beautiful! god is good.


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